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  WiPhi "Women In Power Helping Individuals"

   WiPhi an organization founded by a group of women who were obviously, created equal in every sense of the word however, the barriers of economical, physical and mental failures were present but we had a dire need to COMEBACK!!!
   WiPhi has decided never to allow the enemy to see us sweat. We urge you to read our website and view the many services we have to offer. Should you want to become a part of this organization please submit your membership form. Our membership is free so do not hesitate to join. As a member you will receive updates and be eligible to receive services that we have to offer.
   WiPhi is dedicated to helping individuals. We are women who have overcome life's ups and downs but our suffering has taught us to be survivors!  While we all have stories of survival ship we invite you to become a part of our significant organization who believes in looking not at the past to determine our future.  
   Please feel free to view our website for the awesome events, services, stories and what we call our survival tips for the career minded mom.
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